Concrete Landscape Edging in Saint Paul, MN

An example of a slant profile for concrete landscape edging in Saint Paul, MN
Slant Profile

Slant Profile

First, decide where you want to place your new concrete edging. Is the location up front by the door or far away from heavily trafficked areas?  The Slant Profile is the beauty product, because of its flat surface, it lends itself to texturing and stamping.  A high traffic area near a driveway or entrance door is a good place for this type profile with textures and stamps applied.

Mower Profile
Mower Profile

Mower Profile

The mower profile eliminates trimming.  Soil is trenched out to the correct depth so that this profile's flat shelf is set at the same height as your soil.  That allows your mower's tire to ride upon it and cut your grass all the way to the edging.  Thus eliminating string trimming.  

Rectangle Profile
Rectangle Profile

Rectangle Profile

The rectangle profile is good for any location.  Outlining a brick paver sidewalk would look spectacular.

Where To Use Concrete Landscape Edging?

Flower beds

Tree rings

Island rings

Mail box horse shoe

Hedge border

House ring

Patio border

Bird bath ring

Well pump ring

Along sidewalk

Along driveway

Border for anything

Metro Curb Appeal
Metro Curb Appeal
Metro Curb Appeal
flowers fabric curb

Stamps And Textures

Now that you have decided where you want concrete edging and which profile you want to use, a few more choices await.  Sixteen concrete colors, eight accent colors, five textures and five stamp pattern options are available.  Click to see  Concrete Colors  and Accent Powder Colors

During your estimate you can see different stamps and textures patterns for yourself  with our mobile example board.

Mobile Stamp and Texture example board mounted in truck
Mobile Stamp and Texture Examples
Metro Curb Appeal Granite Texture
Granite Texture
Metro Curb Appeal Slate Texture
Slate Texture
Metro Curb Appeal Rock Salt Texture
Rock Salt Texture
Metro Curb Appeal Cobble Stone Texture
Cobble Stone Texture
Metro Curb Appeal Random Rock Texture
Random Rock Texture
Metro Curb Appeal Basket Weave Stamp
Basket Weve Stamp
Metro Curb Appeal Randon Rock Stamp
Random Rock Stamp
Metro Curb Appeal Paver Stamp
Paver Stamp

Your Life Made Easy

Working in small doses in your yard can be fun.  However, since many concrete edging jobs extend hundreds of feet, small projects they are not.  Machines ease some processes that if done manually would be back breaking.  With that in mind, we offer other services that complete your project and save you a lot of backbreaking labor and time.  These services can be added a-al-carte to your quote.


-Removing additional grass that will be behind edging.

-Installing additional landscaping fabic and rock or mulch. 

-Removing, cutting and bundling old plastic edging for your  disposal.

-Removing excess grass and soil from your property.

-Move sprinkler heads if parts are readily available.

-String trim, clean and reseal concrete edging.  Recommend every other year to seal out moisture and UV rays which fade the color.

-Drill holes in slant profile concrete edging in low areas around home that currently collect water.  Holes are at bottom of edging and covered by grass.  Mower and rectangle profiles may require pvc     channel.

-Extending drain spouts past new edging or install underground pop-up drainage.


Pop-up install
Drain attached
pop-up cap
a curb separating plants from grass

Fence Rescue

Another service we offer is called The Fence Rescue.  Are you too busy or just maybe tired of weed whacking both sides of your fence every two weeks?

Your weeds are removed from both sides of your fence and your new concrete edging is installed.

Then landscape fabric is pinned down.

Rock or mulch is added.

Now you're done forever with that never ending job.

Before Fence Rescue
Before Fence Rescue
Metro Curb Appeal
Metro Curb Appeal
dump-truck-scaled (1)
Fence Rescue After Photo
Metro Curb Appeal